By Fatima Amir    08 May,2024

   Dressing to stay comfortable and look stylish during the summer season is an art. All of us have been in situations where we chose comfort over style on a hot sunny day. But no more!

To dress appropriately on hot sunny days while looking chic, you first need to understand your body type. Once you understand which type of dresses will suit your body type, you can look stylish effortlessly during the summer season by getting all the right summer dresses.

Understanding the Body Types

Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. To find out which body shape you are, measure your bustline, waist, hips and shoulders using a measuring tape. And match them to the following guide to identify your body shape.

Triangle/ Inverted triangle:

If your shoulders are broad, and have a narrow waist and hip, you have a triangle shaped body. Triangle shaped body is also known as athletic body type or swimmer’s body. 

With a triangle shaped body, your shoulders have a wider circumference compared to your waist therefore, a dress that makes the hips appear wider looks best. 

To make the hips appear wide, A line and flowy dresses that hide your hips and waist work best. A wide skirt with gathering or panels and a loose shirt are also a great outfit idea for a hot summer day. 

Off-shoulder dresses should be avoided especially if they are tight around the lower body. You should instead go for V-neck dresses and wide hems. 

V-neck and flowy dresses with a wide hem look best on an inverted triangle body type. 


Rectangle body types have a similar or same circumference of shoulders, hips, and ribcage that gives the body little or no curves. Although most flowy and loose-fitting dresses look good on a rectangular body, creating a waistline can accentuate the look.

For a petite body type, this can be done by simply adding a belt to a dress. To highlight the body’s features other than curves, show a little skin and those beautiful arms and legs by choosing short, sleeveless or off-shoulder flowy dresses. 

The short off shoulder dress helps flaunt arms and legs while taking away the attention from the mid-section. 


Apple shaped body is the one with broad shoulders or more fat on upper body that makes the body appear fat around the arms and chest with a narrow wait and hip. 

Apple shaped bodies look best in A-line dresses with flared sleeves as they hide the waist and hips. Printed A line dresses with vertical lines and floral vines look best on apple shaped bodies. 

Loose A line dress hides the waist and hips while also excellently concealing the upper body fat. 


Hourglass shaped body looks good in most types of dresses especially fitted ones. Hourglass shaped bodies have curves that look best in short and spaghetti strap dresses as well as off shoulder dresses that have narrow hems. 

A short dress, tight around the waist and bust line makes the curves more noticeable.


Pear shaped body has a larger hip circumference compared to shoulders and chest. Thick thighs and wide bottom are the most noticeable features of a pear-shaped body. To take the attention towards the chest and shoulder, spaghetti strap and off shoulder dresses are better. 

Common Types of summer dresses


1.Floral dress

Floral dresses are perfect for any hot summer day when you want to look good for a day on the beach or to grab drinks with the girls.

2.Vertical Striped dress

Lining dresses make you appear slender and tall giving you a modern and funky feel.

3.Check or polka dot dress

Check prints especially in pastel colors make you look cute and chic whether you are headed to a birthday party or to shop at the farmer’s market. 

4.Solid color dress

Solid color dresses are perfect for dinner dates and night out with girls because they bring attention towards your face and eyes. 

1.Wrap dress

A wrap dress is perfect for most body types but not rectangle bodies. Wrap dresses are comfortable to wear all day long.

2.Spaghetti strap dress

A spaghetti strap dress can look pretty on pear shapes, rectangle, and hourglass body types. However, inverted triangle and apple shaped body types should avoid getting spaghetti strap dresses as they invite too much attention towards the shoulders and arms.

3.Off-shoulder dress

Off shoulder dresses are great for flaunting some sun-kissed skin in summer. Off-shoulder dresses look best on hourglass, rectangle and pear shaped bodies. These dresses are one of the best dresses to own if you plan on looking effortlessly pretty on a random summer day. Simply wear an off-shoulder dress and tie a messy hair bun. Voila!  

4.Tiered dress

Tiered dresses can be short and long. Most tiered dresses drive the attention towards the tiers and therefore more your waist appear slim and accentuate your corves. Rectangular shaped body types can throw on a belt to redefine the waist.

5.Juliet sleeve dress

Juliet sleeves hide the shape of your arms therefore every apple shaped body type should own these dresses. Juliet sleeves look good on most body types, but inverted triangle body types should wear them with caution.

6.Bell sleeves

Bell sleeves are one of those ideal sleeves that look best on all body types. They are also very comfortable as they let in a lot of air and help you feel relaxed and comfortable all day long.


1.Knee length dress

Knee length dresses are a little longer than midi dresses and fall a little over your knees. These dresses can look great if you are going to spend a day on the beach or a party

2.Cocktail length

Cocktail length dress is usually a few inches longer than knee length dresses and perfect for most body types. Claves will be visible, but thighs will remain hidden.

3.Floor length

Floor length dresses are longer than tea length dresses that are slightly above the ankles. These dresses are perfect for a sunny day when you want to hide your skin and avoid getting tanned. 

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