6 Easy Ways You Can Earn More Bitcoin

By Prodosh Kundu    15 May,2024

   To many, spending large amounts of money on Bitcoin is not a smart investment strategy financially.

The good thing is that there are now numerous options available, which makes it easier for people to earn more Bitcoin. Strangely enough, in some cases, one can start earning Bitcoin with almost no hassle required.

There are numerous options available for earning more Bitcoin. These include receiving Bitcoin payments from an employer and depositing funds into interest-bearing cryptocurrency accounts.

Depending on your short-term, medium-term, and long-term financial objectives or goals, each alternative has a unique advantage to suit your chosen approach towards accumulating Bitcoin.

undefined Get Bitcoin Via a Crypto Interest Account

Similar to the traditional practice of depositing funds in bank accounts to earn interest, crypto interest accounts are an innovative new model within the blockchain industry.

There are different ways of doing that, and one of them is through Bitcoin lending. In this case, you transfer your Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency to a financial services provider, where it accumulates interest over time.

Many companies now allow for earning interest on cryptocurrencies held. The basic process involves transferring cryptocurrencies to the wallet service provider’s website, where they continue to stay while gaining interest.

By doing so, this works as a paradigm shift for crypto “HODlers” who want to protect and grow their digital asset holdings.

undefined Earn Bitcoin Cash Back While Shopping Online

Rakuten Rewards gives cash-back rewards to customers for buying things from numerous websites.

Rakuten Rewards has partnered with many leading online retailers, such as Best Buy, Groupon, and Nike, guaranteeing its broadest possible coverage.

Once you install the extension and create an account, Rakuten Rewards informs users about available discounts before they leave a retailer’s site.

With a simple click, users will be able to turn on these discounts. At the end of each quarter, users are sent a check by Rakuten Rewards, which reflects their earned cash back.

Lolli provides a similar service to the one mentioned above. When you shop at stores like Sephora, Macy's, or CVS through Lolli, you can get rewards in Bitcoin.

Each store has its own bonus system, where some offer up to 9% cash back while others have a set amount of BTC offered. This straight-forward method is an easy way to receive free Bitcoin when making normal online purchases.

undefined Bitcoin Generation Via Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for people such as bloggers, broadcasters, social media influencers, and ordinary users to make money.

The companies offer the affiliate marketers unique URLs or promo codes that they can share with their audiences. When someone clicks on the affiliate link and makes a purchase successfully, the marketer is rewarded.

The structure of affiliate programs differs from one company to another. Some e-commerce brands pay marketers a percentage of total sales made by customers referred to them.

 Conversely, some firms pay affiliates predetermined amounts for each person who signs up for a service using the marketer’s promo code.

For instance, Coinbase pays out $10 in commission per customer who registers and deposits at least $100.

Additionally, Binance offers 40% of transaction fees generated by referrals to its affiliates; this means those who have large numbers of readers can earn thousands every month in referral fees earned from transactions.

undefined Getting Paid in Bitcoin

There is an increasing propensity for many professionals of different walks of life to embrace Bitcoin and similar digital currencies as forms of remuneration.

This option is more attractive to people who want to generate some coins from their homes or as freelance workers themselves.

Any job that one could be engaged in, like editing, music composition, social media management, or artistry, can create chances for cryptocurrency money-making ventures.

Bitcoin’s appeal comes from its decentralized nature and the fact that it can appreciate over time. Bitcoin payments are advantageous, especially to freelancers and remote workers, due to their flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, cryptocurrencies being accepted more widely on a global scale provide additional opportunities for income generation.

undefined Leveraged Trading and Crypto Loans

For some people, trading cryptocurrencies is the easiest way to earn more Bitcoin. In this space, traders adopt different strategies they prefer in order to increase their crypto holdings. Margin trading is one such tactic that has become incredibly popular.

Margin trading means borrowing funds by traders for amplification of their trading activities. These borrowed funds are known as crypto-backed loans in the cryptocurrency sector.

The aim of traders, therefore, is to maximize potential gains from trade through leveraging these credits. This technique enables them to trade on moves in markets and potentially boost returns, even though it comes with increased risk.

Traders can also earn Bitcoin through collateralized loans, whereby the borrower provides the lender with security to access extra cash. Specifically, the borrower pledges their cryptocurrency assets to the lender in return for USD dollars.

Once a loan has been paid back, a borrower can retrieve his or her crypto-assets again because ownership rights will be restored to him or her after the completion of repayment. This process provides an easy and safe way of obtaining dollars or stablecoins without any stress.

undefined Micro Earnings and Faucets

Bitcoin faucets and micro-earnings give you a chance to make money in the world of cryptocurrency. You can acquire satoshis by doing quick tasks on the internet or solving captchas.

This is especially attractive to digital currency enthusiasts who want to get their hands on Bitcoin without putting up any initial capital.

Although the payment for each assignment is small, regular involvement may accumulate into something significant with time. Therefore, this is an open path for everyone to start making Bitcoin.


Different ways to earn Bitcoin exist that meet diverse financial objectives and tastes. Since many people cannot afford huge investments in Bitcoin, there are ever more ways to get hold of this digital asset.

The above are just some of the common ones, meant for traders to get an idea of the potential to earn Bitcoin.

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